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AGROPAL - Agropecuaria Palentina
España,  jueves, 25 de abril, 2024
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Agropal - Historia
Evolution and profits
The effort of these last years together with the good one for making of our partners and professionals has obtained who the cooperative is more competent every year.

The effort of these last years together with the good one for making of our partners and professionals has obtained who the cooperative is more competent every year. Again I have the honor of being able to direct to me to all the partners of Annual the cooperative to present/display Cuentas of AGROPAL corresponding to the campaign 2003/2004 that has been better than the previous ones. In the General Assembly which we celebrated a year ago now, the partners chose their representatives of the new zones: Astudillo, Cevico of Torre and Palenzuela. With these new incorporations, the cooperative that always has been very next to the partners, even approaches more its problems and necessities in these new zones.

AGROPAL always been has oriented to satisfy the necessities with the partners. Everything cannot be done of blow, but little by little we are advancing. This year the new dehydrator of Villoldo has settled so that the partners can continue increasing the surfaces that destine to the culture of the alfalfa and this way to improve the income of their operation. In the next years we will have to start up new projects that allow us to introduce new cultures or to improve the yield of which already we have.

The will of the cooperative always has been to take care of the demands of the partners with the only limit of the economic possibilities. But also it is certain that in some case, that less it cooperates, who less works with the cooperative is simultaneously that requests and demands more. It is well requesting and demanding because thanks to it we have arrived up to here. But also it is necessary to give. The partners must work with the cooperative because he is hers, we must improve what is necessary, but always doing everything in the cooperative, because the nonsingle cooperative is ours, also is our future, and if we seeded bad seed little harvest we will be able to hope.

At sight of all it is the important development that has had the cooperative in the last years, we have done much and it has been possible thanks to the high degree of integration of the partners in AGROPAL, thanks therefore to all the partners to participate in the activities of the cooperative and by the support that always give it, thanks to the Governing Council for the good work that has made and by the prudence and good for making with which it has directed the cooperative, thanks to all the employees and professionals who with the their best one to know how to do make an effort every day in taking care of and defending our interests to us.

In name of the Governing Council which I have the honor to preside over and in the mine own one, shipment a warm greeting.

Elías Abarquero Coloma

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