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AGROPAL - Agropecuaria Palentina
España,  miércoles, 24 de abril, 2024
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Agropal - Estructura
Productive Means
The twelve centers of Agropal add a total of 84,981 m2

To beginnings of 2005 the cooperative has twelve centers opened with a surface constructed of 84,981 m2 what Tn supposes an own capacity of storage of 240,000. In these centers it is had diverse facilities of transformation, processing or preparation of the productions of the partners between whom they emphasize two dehydrators of alfalfa and forage, a mixer of piensos for rumiantes, two maize dryers and sunflower, eleven centers of selection of seeds and a center of processing of cereal seeds certified R-1 and R-2 of own production.

Also the cooperative has other facilities to the provisions of imputs to the partners as they are two mixer ones of fertilizers, an installation of liquid installments, four posts and two trucks for the fuel distribution, and diverse machinery like dragged guarantors of great capacity, self-loading forage cars, picadora of forages, maquina of direct sowing, shovels shippers, vehicles of distribution and transport vehicle trucks.

   Agropal S. Coop. C/ Francia, P-52 Polig. Indust. - 34004 - Palencia - España Tel: +34 979 165 116 - Fax: + 34 979 165 733   
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