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AGROPAL - Agropecuaria Palentina
España,  jueves, 25 de abril, 2024
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Agropal - Estructura
Cooperative Philosophy

ActividadesEn AGROPAL as much the benefits as the possible losses, everything is of the partners, and for that reason the benefits that are generated distribute between such of proportional way to the activity that each partner has made.

Our main sign of identity is that we are cooperative, that all the partners have equal obligations and rights. Everything always is not possible, but we are convinced that the best thing than we can offer to our partners is mainly future.

   Agropal S. Coop. C/ Francia, P-52 Polig. Indust. - 34004 - Palencia - España Tel: +34 979 165 116 - Fax: + 34 979 165 733   
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