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AGROPAL - Agropecuaria Palentina
España,  jueves, 25 de abril, 2024
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Agropal - Orientaciones de Futuro
Directions of future

The cooperative is at this moment evaluating the possible execution of several projects of investment that are based on the following directions:

Improvement of the service to the partners causing who the cooperative is every day more near the partner.

To try to add to the greater value added possible to the productions of the partners, confronting agricultural processes of transformation, cattle and industrial.

Search of new productive directions that allow the partners to maintain and/or to improve the yield of their agricultural and/or cattle operations.

   Agropal S. Coop. C/ Francia, P-52 Polig. Indust. - 34004 - Palencia - España Tel: +34 979 165 116 - Fax: + 34 979 165 733   
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