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AGROPAL - Agropecuaria Palentina
España,  sábado, 24 de febrero, 2024
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Relation of Presidents
D. Fermín Ramírez Antolín ...
Relation of Managers
D. Félix Anero BartoloméThe joint party its position of Chief of a main directorate...
Evolution and profits
The effort of these last years together with the good one for making of our partners...
Productive Means
The twelve centers of Agropal add a total of 84,981 m2
Cooperative AGROPAL includes an ample fan of activities
Cooperative Philosophy
ActividadesEn AGROPAL as much the benefits as the possible losses, everything is of...
Structure of the cooperative
The cooperative is structured by geographic zones, each one of which has at least a...
  Directions of future    
Directions of future
The cooperative is at this moment evaluating the possible execution of several...
  Relation of initiatives    
The initiatives of Agropal
Chronological relation of Initiatives and Investments of Agropal S.Coop.

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